Alyx Salmon

Fashion Design

Images of two female models in 1960s-style outfits, surrounded by colourful lips and hearts
Colour Mood Board

In my most recent project, I have found my niche in modular textiles and finding enjoyment in the process of building garments from unlikely materials. I particularly like to have fun in my work, all of my thriving projects have embraced my strong sense of femininity and not shying away from this part of my identity. As well as following themes of not taking life too seriously. I hope this is a message that I can frequently promote in my work, using my creativity as an escape for audiences.

“Women Are From Venus” takes us back to the 1960's, which imagined the endless possibilities of a bright, science fiction-inspired world for us to live in. Nowadays, we are force-fed images of a destroyed planet that we cannot escape from due to climate change. This collection reinvents our current perceptions and embraces a future that rejects the curse of mundane modernity. Capturing an enthusiastic individuality with explosions of colour in the form of '60s silhouettes and modular textiles.

Illustrations of five women in 1960s-style outfits
Illustration Line-Up
Images of women in 1960s-style outfits and hearts
Textures Board
Three photos of female model in red heart-covered dress
Outfit 1
Three photos of female model in red heart-covered dress and yellow see-through raincoat
Outfit 2
Three photos of female model in pink trousers and yellow blouse
Outfit 3
Three photos of female model in red heart-covered top and skirt, orange coat and white boots
Outfit 4