Anugrah Mishra

Fine Art

Multicoloured indian writing design

I'm an Indian artist currently residing in Cambridge to pursue a fine art degree. My area of interest is the exploration of psychological aspects entangled with socio-political concerns.  I intend to use my paintings to contribute to people's consciousness and compassion for world-wide issues and suffering.

I think art is a great tool for reflection and evolution because it encourages individuals to think critically and engage with important issues. My work seeks to evoke emotions and inspire compassion, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. I aspire to use my art not just for visual pleasure, but as an inspiration for meaningful dialogue and societal transformation.

My paintings are a conscious act of resistance in which every brushstroke diligently conveys the many layers of current socio-political issues and their psychological effect. To explore the intricacies of social injustice, economic inequality, and cultural conflicts.

Using the large size of my canvases as a powerful tool, I try to communicate meaningful ideas and provoke thoughts. My canvases serve as platforms for survival stories that capture the tenacity of people forced to flee. My series of paintings follow the path of refugees via a detailed investigation of the human condition, from the difficult voyage to the unstable period of resettlement.

Motivated by a fundamental need, I attempt to direct the audience's attention to the critical and ongoing socio-political circumstances, with a special focus on the issue of refugees. The objective of my work is to provoke a collective awakening of consciousness, promote dialogue, and arouse empathy with every stroke. Thus, my work goes beyond simple aesthetic delight and takes on the roles of artistic expression and psychological observation. It portrays itself as an unbiased observer of the ongoing suffering in the modern world, encouraging viewers to confront painful truths while urging the establishment of a more compassionate, humane and empathetic worldview.

Painting of two people from behind in an alien landscape
Refugee's - Loss and Trauma. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 154 x 155cm.
Painting of two people looking through window with birdcage between them and bird on floor
Refugee’s - Resilience and Dreams. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 200 x 250cm.
Painting of rundown room with small sofa and clothes on line
Refugee’s - Settlement. Acrylic on canvas, 156 x 170cm.