Archie Hazell


Six images with captions showing audio effects

I am Programmer / Audio Tech currently studying Audio and Music Technology BSc at ARU Cambridge. So far in their career they has been part of the tech crew at multiple events at Saffron Hall in Essex, The Portland Arms and ARU.

From a young age I have loved taking things apart and then trying (not always successfully) to figure out how they work. This led me down a path of learning Python and other programming languages in primary school which I excelled at. This turned into a love for building and breaking robots and software.

However music has always had a major influence on me and I was encouraged and influenced by my hugely talented and very musical grandfather. My love of music blossomed at Secondary School and culminated in Grade 9 success in my Music GCSE Composition.

In order to satisfy my love of music, computing and technology, I studied these subjects at A Level and earned a clean sweep of top A grades.

Outside of my studies I am a very keen ‘Sim Racer’ and have competed in many endurance and sprint races against other drivers across the globe. I am also an accomplished drummer having completed my Grade 8 exam and has recorded and performed with my band at University. I also love going to gigs to immerse my self in ‘real’ live music.

My aspiration is to pursue a career in the Cyber Security sector with a view to completing relevant certifications in the near future. I am especially interested in the field of Ethical Hacking.

I am currently working on a Distributed Computing project aiming to improve my knowledge of Networking. This will soon be featured on my website but it’s currently in the “held together by zip ties” stage.

The focus of my portfolio was to try and meld both sound and computing. This resulted in the creation of four audio effect plugins; Short Back and Sides, VERB, MANGLE and LATE.

These plugins can be found on my website below along with audio examples and the source code.

Audio panel showing settings for shortback effect
MID/SIDE Encoder and Decoder
Audio panel showing settings for verb effect
Schroder Reverb unit
Audio panel showing settings for mangle effect
A plugin designed with the goal of making the output as awful as possible
Audio panel showing settings for late effect
LCR Delay based off of the KORG Triton