Brooke Tasker


Photo of garage doors outside block of flats

I am a photographer working around Cambridge, Hertfordshire and London.

My work predominantly focuses on my own lived experiences, whether that be in the form of commentary of my local areas, through expressing emotion in ways that I haven’t found possible with words or by capturing my everyday life in a way that is representative of my feelings. I love to use photography as a means of sharing ideas that I may not be ready to do so using speech, or not even know how to. I hope that each of my images leaves the viewer feeling something.

My project aims to tackle the question of how can emotion be represented through imagery, without overtly showing it. The main emotion being investigated is nostalgia, with the addition of solitude and comfort.

I am so intrigued by the feelings of nostalgia, it is a longing for something we have previously experienced but never will again. It is something we can all frequently feel yet find so difficult to be able to describe. I have aimed to do so through my use of lighting and colour, a warm singular light source, bringing us comfort, that is framed by a colder, darker space and representative of the sadness that we will never experience this again. Whilst the images are taken in places that are relevant to my lived experiences, I hope that the audience can somewhat relate to the feelings.

Photo of bench on hill at twilight
Photo of Hitchin skyline on foggy morning
Blurred photo of garage under house
Blurred photo of cars on road under streetlights
Photo of phone box next to letter box and street light
Photo of girl on swing in park on cloudy evening
Photo of cars entering and emerging from two tunnels on road