Claire Lavelle


Illustration of person looking over town with shadow of cross on their back
This image was made as part of a project illustrating Jeanette Winterson’s “Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit”, a book exploring themes of sexuality, identity and religion set in the North of England in the 1960s. I used washes of gouache paint with coloured pencils layered over the top.

 Hi! My name is Claire and I’m an illustrator from Cambridge.

I enjoy working with a variety of analogue media - from ink to collage to coloured pencils. I’m inspired most by the written word (be that in the form of novels or poetry) and love to delve deep into a narrative and pull-out imagery.

In everything I do I try to bring some movement and spontaneity: in the form of energetic line work or a dynamic composition.

Illustration of pile of mugs next to people laying hands on another in church
A second image from the same book illustration project.
Cover of book Hot Milk featuring jug with drawing of primitive woman
A front cover design for Hot Milk by Deborah Levy. I used Indian ink in washes and undiluted to form the image and then added a vibrant saffron colour digitally. Each element of the cover links directly to themes and objects from within the book - which will become clearer to the reader as they explore the narrative.
Three wine bottles with illustrated labels featuring birds, trees and vineyards
Three wine labels for Domaine de Michelet: a French wine which is sustainably and organically produced. The labels are inspired by the nature and landscape where the grapes are grown, and the wine is manufactured.
Illustration of hand reaching to mirror next to illustration of boy chasing girl through graveyard
Two images made as part of a project illustrating Wolf Alice by Angela Carter, a mystical and eery short story exploring the womanhood of a girl raised by wolves. These illustrations were made using quink ink and pencil.
Cut-out of city, tree and person next to poem
A double page spread from a Poetry Anthology that I made: poems by Emily Dickinson selected and then illustrated: using collage and mark making. I used colour and texture to capture the atmosphere of each verse.
Two illustrations of empty cafe
A location drawing done in Lisbon depicting the different lights and moods inside and outside an empty café.
Illustration of row of trees
An image made as part of an internship illustrating a children’s book.