Claudia Jurado Van Hemelrijck

Fashion Design

Photo of woman with hair covering face
Outfit no.3. Punto Roma shorts with PVC cage.

I am a graduate designer focusing on womenswear and fabric manipulation techniques.

Creating beautiful designs for a higher end customer. Enjoying a mix of old and new tapping into different styles across history and creating personal collections that tell a story.

Environmentalism is primordial, preferring natural fibres and recycled materials when possible.

Being half-Spanish and half-Belgian gives my designs a sense of internationality and gives me an understanding of different markets and social issues. I enjoy being political through my creations trying to create beauty with a powerful hidden message.

My journey with  fashion started early as my grandmother and great-grandmother were fantastic home seamstresses, I spent part of my youth surrounded by sewing machines and fabric.

Photo of woman wearing costume with long pvc frill