Diana Duarte

Animation and Illustration

Illustration of two cars colliding in a box junction
Concept art. It is where it all starts.

I am a Portuguese animation and illustration student. I am interested in traditional illustrations, as well as, digital illustration. I enjoy drawing from life and get inspiration from my surroundings.

My project is about a pandemic which the disease affects the vision and turn people blind. The government tries to force people to transfer to the same hospital and close down operations completely until the disease is clear. The Doctor’s wife is immune to the disease, and lies about her conditions to join her partner while he was trying to save others. My propose with this story is to show and tell how truly each individual values when in a survival instinct, people are selfish and in a drastic environment they bring out their worse or their best. Although the story has been written many years ago, it still has a lot of meaning to today’s society.

Illustration of road in city
One of the illustrations of my final film.
Illustration of woman seen from four different angles
Main Character Structure.
Illustration of two women and a man
Visuals of the characters.
Illustration of four different men
Visuals of the characters.