Diana Montañez Rivera

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Diana Montañez Rivera is a multidisciplinary graphic designer from Puerto Rico. Through a mixture of analogue and digital processes, her practice aims to create new visual languages that are simple yet aesthetically pleasing. Beyond aesthetics, she values the importance of having strong concept at the root of every project.

Her final major project is based on her vision of what the future could be like if we all made an effort to take better care of the planet. It combines kinetic typography, sound, and print design for an exhibition setting. Nature and her desire for a sustainable world are her main sources of inspiration, as well as a firm belief in design as a catalyst for positive change. She is also a professional daydreamer, a bookworm, and an amateur photographer.

The first page of the exhibition catalogue was designed for the physical degree show that was going to take place in summer of 2020. Diana Montañez Rivera.
This is a detail from one of the final spreads of the exhibition catalogue inviting the audience to reflect on the possibility of shaping a better future for us all. Diana Montañez Rivera.
The exhibition catalogue includes images from the key parts of the audiovisual piece, an introduction to the work, and fragments from the voice narration.