Dima Farre

Film Studies - BA (Hons)

Dima Farré is a student of the course Film Studies third year. He specialised on screenwriting, directing and cinematography ever since he got into university.  

The key themes of his work are mainly focused on dreams and how do dreams affect the human mind in ways that it cannot be controlled. It is also about fantasy and hidden messages. As can be seen in most of the short film, the mystery that holds the plot is what makes it so captivating.  

Cinematography and the way it plays with camera movements and shadows it’s what characterises this film among other films. It’s a film that visually it can be enjoyed, and at the same time, it shows the story. The cinematography is inspired by films like Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom, or The Joker where the image is key to the film.  

This short film has given Dima ways of directing and recording that in other circumstances, he would never have been able to discover. He was on his own, and that forced him to pay attention to every detail. My goal is to always grow as a filmmaker. Be part of the industry and be recognised by my style of making films.