Film Production


James Hartley – Writer/Director
James Holloway – Editor
Jason Marsh – Camera Operator
Regina O’Sullivan – Art Director
Jack Seaden - Sound
Alex Sole-Leris – Director of Photography
Lucas Warren – Producer

About the film

Weeks after her father's unattended death, Chloe returns home to pack away his things. Reminders of her difficult childhood are all around her. Whilst going through the house, she uncovers unsettling drawings from her childhood and begins to suspect she's not alone in the house.

To fully leave her childhood behind her, Chloe must first face her father one final time - in whichever form he still remains a part of her and their home.

Student Biographies

James Hartley

I am a horror movie junkie and award-winning filmmaker based in Cambridge. Over the past two years, I've directed filmed content for Shakespeare’s Globe, the National Curriculum, and musical theatre at Cambridge University.

To date, my work has been seen in over 100 countries, screened at the BFI, and even been installed in an immersive exhibit at Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum.

Coming from academic backgrounds in art and literature, filmmaking has been an incredible medium for me to grow into - a one-stop outlet for each of my passions, be it through writing the script, composing the score, or painting the poster!

But there’s nothing I enjoy so much as directing horror fiction. In every location I've shot at, from a decommissioned warship to the forgotten wine cellars of Castle Ferrazzano, there’s always a horror movie jittering on pause in my head. My dream is to, one day, let these nightmares loose.

Horror is our greatest vehicle for life’s greatest concerns. Of all genres of make-believe, what could be a worthier pursuit than that? Directing has been a truly healing experience for me, and I hope to continue using my opportunities to spread cathartic, human stories of agency and resilience.

James Holloway

I'm James Holloway, an aspiring editor whose work has earned nominations for the RTS awards. I've also had the opportunity to create online video adverts for British Cinematographer and edit my grad film for my degree. As an editor, I constantly aim to unearth the creativity within life's chaos and translate it into tangible form.

Since childhood, films have captivated me, offering new perspectives and insights into reality, even within entirely fictional narratives. Filmmakers like Henry Selick have particularly influenced me, leaving a lasting impression on my views of life and our place within it. Now, I aspire to share my own perspectives, and contribute to the industry that has inspired me.

Editing is the art of combining the creative contributions of talented individuals and bringing them together into a cohesive whole, and I believe I have a real skill in refining their efforts onto the screen. For me, working in film isn't just a profession; it's my passion and purpose. Challenges only fuel my enthusiasm; I'm never eager for my workday to end. As Einstein famously remarked, “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” I aspire to amplify that contagion through my artistic endeavours, contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of storytelling.

Jason Marsh

As an emerging camera operator, my journey in the world of visual storytelling began in Bedfordshire, where I was born and raised. Eager to expand my knowledge and skills in film, I made the move to Cambridge to pursue a higher education in this field.

My passion for capturing compelling visuals stems from a deep-rooted fascination with the art of cinematography. Starting from a young age, I delved into photography and even ventured into creating YouTube videos for my circle of friends. It was during my time in sixth form that my interest truly blossomed, as I was fortunate to have the opportunity to dive into the world of media studies, paving the way for my eventual focus on film production.

Upon enrolling in a film production course at university, I have actively sought out hands-on experiences to enhance my craft. I have had the privilege of shadowing professionals at the BBC, gaining valuable insights into the industry. Additionally, I have completed work experience at a studio in London; And most notably, my role as a vision mixer for online e-sporting events has provided me with practical experience in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Through these diverse experiences and a drive to learn, I am dedicated to refining my skills as a camera operator and translating my passion for cinematography into impactful visual stories.

Regina O'Sullivan

I am Regina, a passionate and versatile creator with a love for storytelling in all its forms. Currently immersed in the world of Film and TV Production, here at ARU, I thrive on weaving together narratives that delve into the depths of dreams and alternate realities, pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

My journey in the arts began since I was four years old, with acting, singing opera and other styles, and theatrical performances, where I discovered the power of emotion and authenticity in captivating audiences. Beyond the stage and screen, I explore various artistic avenues, from crafting visual art to producing musical videos, and even pursuing my passion for flying with a student pilot license.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I immerse myself in marketing and event organisation, channelling my knack for captivating audiences into creating unforgettable experiences. This blend of creativity and entrepreneurship fuels my ambition, propelling me to push the boundaries and explore the intersection of technology and storytelling.

With an insatiable curiosity and a drive for innovation, I embrace emerging technologies to elevate my cinematic expression, creating films that resonate deeply, challenge the status quo, and make the audience think. As I continue to carve my path in the media landscape, I remain dedicated to inspiring others and shaping the future of storytelling.

Jack Seaden

I always knew that I wanted to work in film-making, but I had no idea that the journey towards my goal (which of course is still ongoing) would be so life-changing.

My name is Jack Seaden and I have just finished my final year at Anglia Ruskin University.

Since coming to University, I have had the opportunity to write and direct a short comedy called Third Wheel. I was also privileged with the role of Head of Video Production for the Watersprite Student Film Festival. In other University productions, I have tried out many roles such as camera operating and editing.

But a role that I have come to love the most is Sound Design, which ended up becoming my preferred role for my graduation film. I feel like there is something so special about sound, in cinema, which is often ignored. I always want to create soundscapes that allow audiences to really feel the intended responses and emotions that come from what they witness on-screen. I want to use my sound to enforce that cinema is more than just picture and for people to, not only notice, but also feel the effects from a films soundscape.

Alex Sole-Leris

I’m Alex Sole-Leris and I work in the camera department. My aspirations are to become a Director Of Photography in film and TV. I have a passion for all areas in camera, from traineeing up to leading the department. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot dozens of films and work with many incredibly talented people. Some of my credits to date include shooting multiple graduation films and several pieces of work for Shakespeare’s Globe, filming a widely-used advert for British Cinematographer magazine, focus-pulling on multiple music videos and helping to prepare the latest season of Bad Education.

My philosophy in my work is to always try to tell a story in a clear and universal manner. The core principle of ‘less is more’ is something I firmly stand by and try to implement whenever possible. There’s often a temptation to overcomplicate work when trying to keep audiences engaged, from quick cuts to convoluted metaphors. I believe few things are as effective for storytelling as framing well and holding a shot for as long as it takes for an audience to truly sit in a moment with the characters on screen.

Lucas Warren

Having grown-up with a deep-seated passion for storytelling, I have explored a variety of artistic mediums throughout my life. With a background in photography, digital art and design and filmmaking, my desire to share his stories has led me to several different creative outlets.

A great lover of travelling and exploring different cultures, common themes of my stories and artworks are adventure and mystery, through which I aim to entrance my audience with the wonders of God’s creation. Inspired by filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, whose wondrous stories of Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Close Encounters of the Third Kind instil such wonder in so many people, I hope to use my skills and experience to produce similarly memorable stories that inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty of different cultures and nations throughout the globe.

After three years as a student filmmaker, I aim to move forward and travel the world, fuelling my understanding and appreciation of that which I wish to write about and to use my passion and experience to honour the calling God has given me, and share my stories with as many people as I can; whether through film, writing or art.