Elizabeth Pemberton

Animation and Illustration

Illustration of nine children dressed in fantasy costumes
Kids' day out

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and I am a graduating animation and illustration student who is aspiring to create my own graphic novels. I have a passion for storytelling and creating characters which stems from my childhood interests in animated movies like Barbie and also inspired me to create works like graphic novels for children.

Although I am not currently pursuing animation since being at university I have worked hard to expand and gain a deeper understanding about myself as a creative and what I enjoy about animation. I enjoy 2d animation and particularly character design, if I were to explore further into the industry in the future I would hope to try being a character artist as character design also brings in my love of storytelling and how I prefer illustrations. I’m positive about my current work and hope to collaborate and create more in the future.

Sibling Royals is a children’s graphic novel that I have been writing and illustrating for my final major project. My final major project is a short and simple fantasy graphic novel that is light-hearted and an easy read for children. This book is about eight royal siblings each from different magical kingdoms filled with magical people like mermaids and elves, upon their father’s request they leave their homes and mothers to go live with their father.

However, when they arrive they find they have the newest addition to the family, a younger brother, confused and curious these young siblings take matters into their own hands and adventure out to find out why their youngest brother is so special. This graphic novel explores family relationships, complex emotions and identity from the eyes of a child.

Illustration of two boys in front of suit of armour
Don’t touch that!
Illustration of woman's shadow cast on tiled floor
Illustration of suir of armour with troll's head in front
Four illustrations of young girl from different angles