Emma-Rosina Longlands

Fine Art

Artwork consisting of four canvases with body outlines and pink, green and purple paint
Abstract I. H150 x W60 x4. Body Print with Paint on Paper.

I am a painter/sculptor and use my body as the paintbrush. I create semi-abstract prints by applying paint directly to my body and press myself against the paper, this allows for the unique skin textures to transfer to the paper. By using my body, I can create broad gestural marks that truly reflect what the body is feeling and trying to communicate at that moment.

My work mainly consists of large, life-sized, paintings although I also create slightly smaller pieces using selected details of the body. The work is always instinct led, from the choice of colour to the movements themselves, everything is guided by my body from start to finish. These paintings are acts of freedom. They come from years of repression, feelings of having to hide myself both physically and mentally, feelings of having to be small and hidden. Today I can be as big, bright and bold as I want to be, I don’t need to hide anymore.

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White bulbous sculpture
Iridescent Moon. Approx H120cm x W120cm x D80cm. Sculpture with Wire and Plaster.
Patterned sculpture formed by facial imprints in clay
Facial Imprint Panel IV. Approx H50cm x W50cm x D6cm. Sculptural Clay Panel.
Canvas with orange human body on blue background
Swimmer II. Approx H150cm x W200cm. Body Print with Paint on Paper.
Three columns of areola in pink, blue and green
Colourful Areola. H76.2cm x 50.8cm. Body Print with Paint on Canvas Board.
Red human head, hands and torso on black background
Floral Body. H59.4cm x W84.1cm. Lino Print on Paper.
Canvas with blue human body lying sideways
Single Body III. H150cm x W110cm. Body Print with Paint on Paper.