Enma Carro

Animation and Illustration

Illustration of Siamese cat with pink bow on hidlegs reaching for blue butterfly

Hello! I’m Enma, a graduated animator and illustrator based in the UK. Art has always been one of my big passions in life, from the history of it to the most recent achievements like its production in co-creation with AI.

I grew up with classic Disney films and their magical feel, so when I am storyboarding, animating, and designing characters makes reconnect with that sweet emotion from my childhood.

I truly enjoy working on diverse projects playing variant roles, such as leader or peer, which I have done in the past for institutions like Oxford University, in their Lost and Found campaign (zoology faculty) and the ASD Referral Team Service for the healthcare company Provide Wellbeing. I love adapting to changes as it challenges me and promotes my growth as an artist.

Additionally, to my interest on animation I am keen on fashion and the editorial world so whenever I have the opportunity to unify both in my work I do it.

For my Final Major Project, I turned to the aforementioned magical and tender feeling of the animated films of my childhood. I wanted to create something light hearted, incorporating the funny personality of cats and their daily adventures, although this one is rather unusual.

Romeo is a three-minute comical animated film, which tells the story of the surreal journey of a cat who magically travels through famous paintings to catch his calculating nemesis, a butterfly, who interrupted his afternoon reading time.

In this chase, Romeo will have to overcome different challenges and atypical interactions depicted in the works of art in order to capture the elusive insect. But will he succeed in his endeavours, or will reality set in sooner?

Illustration of Siamese cat falling through room with picture frames, books and a butterfly
A surreal journey
Five illustrations of Siamese cat from different angles
Close-up illustration of falling Siamese cat's face
Illustration of wet Siamese cat looking aggrieved
Illustration of Siamese cat with butterfly on nose