Klaudia Studnicka

Digital Media Production

Illustration of young girl lying down crying and holding teddy bear

My name is Klaudia Studnicka. Throughout my life I have been fascinated with the world of media and there wasn’t a day where I wouldn’t want to create something. Coming from Poland and struggling with a chronic condition caused me to have to adapt in order to pursue what I love. I like to think of myself as a fast-learning and adaptable jack-of-all-trades, so to speak.

Being able to tell stories through visual storytelling is something that I take pride in, and I hope that my creations can make people feel the same way I do when I watch my favourite movies or play my favourite games.

"Reverie" was a passion project loosely based on my experiences. The game follows the protagonist Lee on her journey through her dreams, trying desperately to wake up. However she simply falls deeper and deeper into the Dreamworld, facing many of her fears and difficult emotions throughout.

I wanted to test all of the skills I have learned throughout my time here at Anglia Ruskin as well as learn something new, and I thought that developing a game was the perfect way to achieve that. It is not perfect, however it is something I am incredibly proud of.

Illustrations of young girl from front and back, and with different facial expressions
Character sheet of Lee
Illustrations of young girl in different poses
Lee sprite sheet
Shadowy creature in ballpit
Illustration of blindfolded girl with horn on head surrounded by pink triangle
Illustration of blonde woman holding sword in moonlit field
Child of Prophecy
Illustration of pink girl holding trident next to pink blob with eyes
Mug Concept