Leo Roberts

Film Production

Behind the Scenes

I am always interested by the magic of what’s real. While studying the art of filmmaking I found myself constantly drawn to finding creativity close to the line of non-fiction. Through experience in documentary making, I have found a unique passive style that allows for people to share stories without filter and influence from the camera. And through promotional filmmaking I have further honed my unique style and creative flare. Prioritising black and white palettes and piecing together attractive lengthy shots I have found my own style of slow-paced introspective documentaries.

I have taken inspiration from a variety of artists, from directors to musicians to designers. I predominantly find inspiration varying from Frank Ocean to Michael Moore to Adam McKay. I think all of these artists have an ability of sharing real stories in such a compelling and captivating way. Moving forward in my career I will work hard to ensure if I get opportunities to tell stories in any medium. I can do so in a way that would captivate audiences the way I remember my younger self being captivated. However, I am currently trying to keep myself as open to these opportunities as I can.