Madison White

Animation and Illustration

Illustration of woman opening glowing book
What happens when that simple spell gets out of hand?

Hi! I’m Madi and I am a UK-based Animator and Illustrator.

I take inspiration for my work from the world around me, though I am particularly drawn to nature and have a passion for working with 2D animation.

I am a fan of all things cartoon but find myself really drawn to adventure fantasy as a genre such as Adventure time and Shera with a love for character design to match.

I have also developed an affection towards more commercial animation, after working with Oxford University on our Lost and Found project and with Provide Wellbeing when advertising their ASD referral services. Working with client partners on matters I feel strongly for – such as conservation and accessible healthcare – was such an enjoyable and fulfilling experience that has opened new doors in this field that I am excited to have to opportunity to work in moving forward.

For my final major project, I wanted to incorporate both my love of fantasy worlds and topics that I am passionate about, as this is where my love of animation stems from and it only felt right that the foundation of my final project would be routed in these aspects.

Rose Tinted is a narrative inspired by exploring and finding yourself after a relationship falls apart.

After being left by her partner, Odette makes a love potion – or tries to at the very least... But in her frustration of seeing the potion fail to come together she knocks the cup off the counter and into the fireplace; this is where our story really begins. Out of the flames comes a creature formed of limestone, magic, and a little bit of something else.

Char, as we come to know this creature as, follows Odette as she redecorates her home and rebuilds her life - now by herself. Initially finding her new companion bothersome, Odette’s growth in excepting herself mirrors her growing adoration in her one-sided friendship that she has found in this persistent creature she has found herself in.

Rose Tinted is a story of heartbreak, friendship, self-discovery and second chances.

Illustration of woman chasing through lounge after cat being ridden by little green magical creature
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Illustrations of two women from different angles
Character turnarounds
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