Maria Vinicenco


Three illustrated tarot cards
This is a tarot card design. Project was inspired by poisonous plants and a short story "The Lady of The House of Love" by Angela Carter.

Hi, I’m Maria! I am an illustrator from Ukraine, currently based in Cambridge and Norwich.

My art captures dark fantasy and whimsical themes. I often take risks and experiment, so my choice of media varies from project to project. My favourites will forever be ink and working digitally, which led me into combining both analogue and digital approaches to achieve my final artwork. I get excited by working on concept art, designing products and creating interesting compositions. I also developed a passion for ceramics, and printmaking during the second year on this course.

CGI designs of isopod and its room
Conceptual illustration for the isopod living environment
Black book cover with illustration of person sniffing ornate perfume bottle
Book cover redesign of the Perfume by Patrick Suskind.
Illustration of praying statue with blood rivulets
Illustrations of centipede with human face
Character design illustration inspired by seven deadly sins and bugs
Etching of room with large table holding candlesticks and glasses beneath animal skull
Etching print inspired by Walker Evans’ photograph
Photo of illustrated ceramic mug, plate and dish