Film Production


Adriana Carlot – Production Designer
Deon Culpin – Director of Photography
Hana Harvey-Crysell – Writer/Director
Reece Ord – 1st Assistant Director
João Vieira – Editor
Bethany Rose – Sound
Courteney Stewart - Producer

About the film

The legend of Medusa is a story that's been told for over 2700 years. The version we know is incomplete and leaves out critical parts of the original tale. We remember Medusa as a monster that turns man to stone with snakes for hair. The male hero goes on a heroic quest to slay her and use her head as a trophy. In this modern retelling, we meet Medusa, a woman who returns to school after being away for some time. She's haunted by traumatic memories of her sexual assault and anxiety that distorts her reality. A confrontation with her counsellor/rapist triggers a panic attack that escalates into a full transformation. Medusa is left looking like the monster we all know...

Student Biographies

Adriana Carlot

Not only has my previous Art Design work on the film ‘Dress Rehearsal’ been screened at a multitude of national film festivals, but I also have experience in set dressing in music videos and shorts. My passion for this role grew evident to me after spending my childhood drawing, writing stories and sewing with my grandmother.

In a sense, art design is telling a story visually, coming up with a backstory in your head for the drawing hung up on the wall- did the character make it? Or did their best friend draw it whilst they were bored in art class? Everything has a meaning and connection to it, to really achieve the atmosphere that you feel when reading a script.

I am also known as a screenwriter and director. My most recent film Lost From Sea was part of the official selection of Nahemi ‘Eat Our Shorts’ and London ‘Super Shorts Film Festival’. After graduating, I will continue to pursue art direction and directing, alongside marketing within the film industry.

Deon Culpin

My Name is Deon, I have been working on a Film Course for three years. I started the course with the intention to be a Writer-director but have fallen into the position of Director of Photography. I have loved working as a DOP however, and have fallen in love with the process of making films in a different way. I came into the course with a bunch of knowledge and thoughts about film, but after three years I can say I have a completely different outlook of film and its importance.

I can say moving forward that I want to pursue being a cinematographer and learn all that I can about the role. My love for fellow cinematographers like Christopher Doyle and Emmanuel Lubezki have inspired an entirely new way of making films.

I still want to be able to write my own stories but I have become obsessed with the visual side of film more than my initial ambitions.

I think that I have a long way to go but my goal at the moment is to be a better DOP so I can influence my cinematic eye on someone's project and visual showcase my unique perspective of the world, hopping down the line I can also tell my own stories.

Hana Harvey-Crysell

My main passion as a creative is to produce work that offers a platform to new voices and interpretations. As a woman in film, I feel strongly about advocating for gender diversity, and through my work I hope to spread a positive influence to help this change.

My most recent production as Writer and Director was the short drama film Medusa, 2023, a female-led film, that reimagines the classic greek myth into modern contexts.

Other projects include short documentaries (Left Foot Forward, featuring an amputee footballer 2022) and experimental films (The Painter, featuring local artist, 2021, and Survival Instinct, a post-apocalyptic interactive narrative, 2023).

Currently, I am directing creative films in association with the Imperial War Museum (WRENS, Platforming women from WW2 and Charles Simpson Monologue, re-telling accounts of D day).

I have been cinematographer for two short films (The Dining Room, 2023, and Gasp!, 2023). I am qualified to work with a wide breadth of cinematic cameras including Arri Alexa’s and Sony Fs7s.

I have had extensive experience camera assisting in several productions, (Wild One, Long Night Productions, 2023.

I am proud to have been Producer for several films in collaboration with the London Shakespeare’s Globe. (The Marvellous Prospero, 2022, and Prospero’s Paradise, 2022).

Building on this success, in 2023, I project-managed a series of productions for them (Wicked Dreams, Dress Rehearsal, A Midsummer Nightmare, Gasp! and Lost from Sea, 2023).

This year I have gone onto work as Production Manager in association with the Imperial War Museum, making films to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of D day (The HMS Belfast Monologues, WRENS and Back Stage Bandits 2024).

I am currently the Production Manager in partnership with the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, showcasing how the museum is modernising its displays (The Gallery Rehanging, Documentary 2024).

Reece Ord

Ever since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to be a storyteller… A film maker. Starting off with making stop motions with my Lego Spider-Man figures to then making small silly films in the back garden with my friends (which is why I now realise why risk assessments are a thing) during education I have been inspired by different people and projects, it opened up my career path, doing film studies at school and wanting to write, then going to college and finding out I have a passion for directing, editing and working on Live TV sets. Then university, where I found out where to expand these skills.

With work experience I found out I have a skill for Assistant Directing. I’ve worked on many projects in and out of university, including some TV pilots. Working on Medusa allowed me to expand my skills and gave me a new aim of location management. I take inspiration from the apocalyptic/dystopian genre, I’ve written and directed my own shorts while practising this genre and, in the future, I would like to put every skill I have learnt during education and work experience to make a film.

João Vieira

My name is João Vieira. I’m Portuguese and recently graduated in Film Production. I have also done writing and film studies courses. The reason that drove me to this career was the opportunity to tell stories from different people, experiences and perspectives.

I have worked in several projects for my degree and personal projects, from dramas to experimental filmmaking. I specialised in cinematography and post-production, two variables that complete each other in so many ways, for the need of attention to detail, the perfect angle, the right shadow and colour.

Queer, fantasy and sci-fi films are my safe choices when writing a film, or to choose a film to watch, but the good thing about this industry is that it is so diverse in terms of the freedom it gives me to explore myself about so many endless genres and styles.

Bethany Rose

Before coming to university, I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to go down, but I knew I wanted to be on a film set. In college, I have learnt the basics of film theory which has encouraged me to take this knowledge further and get involved with on set work. Of which, I have been provided with different opportunities to demonstrate new and improved skills and out of these opportunities I have found myself working as a Sound Designer and Recordist.

I have had the chance to show off my new skills over the last three years with intensive training with specialist equipment. A big part of my interest of working in the sound department has stemmed from my love of musicals, both watching and listening. This has encouraged my investigation in how much work goes into creating the audio section of a film and the different techniques to record sound for a feature. The skills I have learnt will be something that I will take with me beyond university.

Courteney Rae Stewart

Over the last three years as a student, I have had the chance to explore various film roles. From editing to sound, to First Assistant Director, trying to find which best suits me. However, it was not until I got the opportunity to work as a producer on my graduate film Medusa (2023) that I realised I had an interest for producing!

Producing has helped me learn new skills but most importantly, it has boosted my confidence when collaborating with others. Confidence was something that I lacked for a long time, but this opportunity has helped me open up and find myself. I have already taken on more projects as a producer, and I am excited to work on them!

In addition to producing, I have rediscovered my passion for hair and makeup artistry! I have always enjoyed special effects makeup, and I had forgotten how much I loved it until I had the opportunity to work on some other projects this year. Collaborating with the Imperial War Museum as part of the art department for their 80th D-Day anniversary was an opportunity I won’t forget about and I am proud to have had the chance to work on six different projects for them.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have gotten, especially the ones that can educate people and advocate for others.