Megan Cork

Animation and Illustration

Illustration of girl peeking through door with hands over mouth and crying
A concept art of a scene from my film, "Are You Home?"

I love working in 2D animation - especially when it is based in horror, fantasy and sci-fi! Horror in particular is such an interesting genre and I am so glad I had the chance to explore it in my final major project.

As well as my final film, in my time at university I have also worked on industry live projects as part of a group for companies such as Provide: Community Interest Company, the Lost and Found Project, and Bake.

Are You Home?
Animated film

When Lou is awakened to the sound of glass breaking, they go looking for answers, but in a seemingly empty home who could have broken it?

When I started creating this film, I just wanted to see how much I have improved since my first animation. Ideas based in horror come easier to me than perhaps more emotional pieces, and I enjoy silly scary stories more than any other genre. I find short horrors particularly fascinating, seeing how they unravel and the implications behind good cliffhangers that leave me thinking ‘Wow! That was a really cool idea!’ and I want to instil that same sense of joy in my audience.

But by following my interests I ended up making a surprisingly personal project.

My character is openly queer with a good relationship with their family - something I am lucky to have and wish to see more of in media. I’ve explored a genre that means the world to me and learned so much about its history and the techniques behind it. And while I still have so much work to do to improve, I am finally learning to appreciate how far I’ve already come.

Animation still of woman's face
"Are You Home?" Movie Still: Lou Close up
ANimation still of hand drawing pictures on notebook
"Are You Home?" Movie Still: Sophie’s Drawings
Animation still of person looking under bed
"Are You Home?" Movie Still: Searching for Sophie
Animation still of person through hole in broken window
Movie Still: The Creature Attacks
Animation still of home office
A background from my film "Are You Home?"
Animation still of street outside house
A background from my film "Are You Home?"
Animation still of person walking through interior house door
"Are You Home?" Movie Still: Office Doorway
My 2024 showreel that features scenes from my upcoming student film "Are You Home?"