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As a third-year student pursuing a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design at Anglia Ruskin University I have developed a variety of skills in both illustration and design. I've had the opportunity to explore a range of diverse styles whilst consistently growing a stronger understanding of key design principles throughout my three years of study that have helped me evolve as a designer.

The purpose of this project was to design a blind box figurine series with an environmentally friendly undertone. The final outcome was a figurine series named “Bambinoo” featuring 7 characters to collect. These figurines are designed to be created from bioplastics rather than the usual non-biodegradable PVC used by competitors in the industry, as well as promoting trading and reselling rather than producing unnecessary waste.

The Bambinoo figurine series have plants at the core of their designs to reflect their environmentally friendly goals, whilst also being bright, bubbly and full of personality to appeal to the general audience of blind box collectors.

CGI design for Babinoo figurine
3D Model Concept Design
Design for yellow box
Box Design
Two badges, one face down the other face up with Bambinoo character illustration
Button Pin Design
Tote bag with purple Bambinoo character design
Tote Bag Design
Blue Bambinoo sticker on corner of laptop
Stickers Design
Social media post with Bambinoo design and message
Social Media Post Example