Nellie Åstrand


Illustration of man's head with cross section of brain
Conceptual editorial image based on Oliver Sacks’ "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat"

Hello! I am Nellie, an illustrator from Sweden. During my time at university, I really found my voice in conceptual illustration and illustration based in stories. I get a lot of visual inspiration from movies, and I take that into my art by mindfully using composition and iconography to tell stories and explain concepts.

I work across many different styles and types of illustration and have recently explored animation and moving image. My main focus when I draw and paint is always shape and form, and I often mix traditional and digital techniques as I have a love both for classic painting and modern design. I also love drawing people and the human body, which is often the driving force in my illustrations.

What I love about illustration is that I get to make and discuss art with other people, and I have worked on many projects with other creatives, both as a colourist for animation and a comic, as well as currently working as a storyboard artist for animation.

Book cover of Giovanni's Room with illustration of two men's heads overlapping
Book cover for the book "Giovanni’s Room". Portraying both the close relationship between the characters and the shame they feel over loving each other.
Black and white illustration of man holding a knife to another man's throat
Illustration based on a scene in Neil Gaiman’s short story "The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains".
Comic strip spread of woman looking out to sea
Part of my comic about a landmark of my youth, an old military post by the sea where I would spend a lot of my time.
Illustration of naked woman running away from man in woods
Aquatint, part of a series of sequential images from "Arethusa", a Story from Ovid’s "Metamorphoses".
Three photos of bottles with different label designs
Project where I repackaged a series of juices from Cambridge Juice company.
Hand-drawn animation with 100 frames. Represents change and how it is sometimes too much to handle.