Olivia Vinter


Illustration of spider head with two front legs and tendrils instead of a thorax
An Illustration from my book project depicting an infected spider repurposed into a postcard/print design.

Hi, I’m Olivia - I enjoy working with line and observational drawing. My work tends to gravitate towards scientific or biology-based illustration, which derives from my interest in nature and zoology.

At the same time, I adore working with anything strange or creepy, and thanks to this last year, I’ve been able to explore a healthy mix of both horror and scientific illustration. The projects I’ve worked on allow me to show how much I’ve grown to love creating shape and tone through line.

My primary project was to create a book. Journal 8 is an illustrated research journal from the perspective of a scientist trying to navigate and investigate a fungal apocalypse. Accompanying it, a smaller reportage based project about Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences focused around palaeontology and skeletons.

Illustration of infected lily
A double page spread from "Journal 8" featuring an enlarged corpse lily.
Two illustrations of infected unidentified creature
A double page spread from "Journal 8" featuring an infected creature.
Illustration of infected rabbit face
A close-up of an infected rabbit from "Journal 8".
Illustration of infected weevil
A close-up of an infected weevil from "Journal 8".
Illustration of infected moose
A close-up of an infected moose from "Journal 8".
Photo of man carrying Museum of Earth Sciences totebag illustrated with T-Rex skull
An observational illustration of a T-Rex skull designed for a tote bag.