Our Favourite Place

Film Production


Oriel Akeh - Sound
Julian Cheeseman - Editor
Jake Greenwood - Co-writer/1st Assistant Director
Caleb Harris - Director of Photography
Finn Balfour-McKie – Producer
Adam Subrt – Art Director
Archie Wild – Camera Operator
Joe Wollacott – Writer/Director

Student Biographies

Oriel Akeh

George Lucas once said that “Sound is half the picture”, I find it fascinating the power and potential that sound and other often overlooked aspects of filmmaking can have, and how they impact and control the way we view a character or scene without us fully realising.

I try to take this sentiment into my work, for example in my most recent role as sound designer, part of my goal was that the whole soundscape would have meaning, whether it conveys something deeper about the character, the scene or something else about the film at large. I’m a fan of the works of George Lucas. His films, while often in unrealistic circumstances, are still packed with meaning and nuance. He has a knack for conveying grounded and human stories in the midst of grand expansive worlds.

Julian Cheeseman

Something we don’t usually think about is how out perception of the world is completely different to those around us, and how upbringing, experiences and even psychological issues shape people’s perception of reality. I’ve always been interested in films’ ability to show the world through the eyes of a character, experiencing and perceiving reality from their perspective.

My favourite film genres are psychological thriller and psychological drama as they put the viewer in the head of somebody suffering from an altered/ damaged mental state, showing how fragile the mind can be, and how unseen problems can affect us greatly without us even noticing. The role of Editor has always interested me, specifically the power it has to recreate and present these different realities from our own. I have worked on three different films with psychological themes during my time at university.

Jake Greenwood

When I first moved one hundred and seventy miles across the country three years ago, I would never have imagined what I would have achieved during my time at Anglia Ruskin University. Growing up in Manchester, I had a huge passion for creativity, specifically acting, which played a vital role in developing my love for film and television production. In my work, I strive to portray the reality of life and human nature. I believe that when characters on screen speak authentically, it fosters a connection between the audience and the character.

My work often revolves around themes of loss and redemption, focusing on working-class characters who may be viewed negatively by society. Through my storytelling, I aim to demonstrate that everyone has dreams and a desire to better themselves. A key project I was involved in was the film ‘Our Favourite Place’. Serving as a first assistant director and co-writer on this production was a significant opportunity that tested my skills and allowed me to grow as a filmmaker.

Ultimately, my aspiration is to work my way up in the industry as a screenwriter and director, with the goal of becoming the showrunner of my own television series.

Caleb Harris

My journey into filmmaking was one I seemed to stumble across. What started in the confinement of lockdown, filming and editing videos for my home church, blossomed into a passion to learn and grow my technical skills at a higher level. It has been through my studies that I found a passion for cinematography. The use of lighting, composition, and camera techniques to help aid visual storytelling is something that fascinates me.

For me, the process of filmmaking has been eye opening. It has been through my studies and experiences of filmmaking where I have a new-found respect and admiration for those who devote their lives to mastering this visual medium; the trials, the stresses but also the joy that comes with it too! Above all, I have learned the joy of community in filmmaking. Film is a place where creatives from all different walks of life come together to use their skills collectively to create something truly beautiful. It is something I believe that, as humans, God has created to do: to create and flourish together in the context of community. After three years of student filmmaking, I hope to use my skills to share the stories close to my heart to anyone who will listen. I am excited for whatever the future God has in store for me.

Finn Balfour-Mckie

Hello! My name is Finnian Balfour-Mckie and I am thrilled to be an almost-graduate of Film Production at ARU. I chose to pursue this field at university because of my deep fascination and passion for the film industry. Over the years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in various departments, from lighting setup to the intricacies of writing and directing my short films.

Let me tell you a little more about myself. I have lived in Cambridge for most of my life and I absolutely adore this place. It's more than just a city to me; it's my home, and I'm extremely proud to be part of this community. On the other hand, I also have a lot of family in Scotland, where I have a second home. This unique mix of cultures and experiences has shaped me into the person I am today.

Looking ahead into the future, I can't help but wonder about the various opportunities that await me. Nevertheless, one aspect of my life that is definite is my unwavering passion for creating visually appealing and imaginative video content. Regardless of where my journey takes me, I am determined to keep pursuing this passion.

Adam Subrt

During my time at Anglia Ruskin, I have collaborated with many talented students that have helped shape my knowledge and experience on production sets. The films throughout the three years of studying here of which I have had the pleasure of working on have been outstanding, working with actors and film crew from all different backgrounds has been a pleasure and has impacted me immensely. The most interesting part of filmmaking for me is working on scriptwriting, editing, and set design. Learning the process of pre, shooting and post-production has greatly boosted my knowledge of filmmaking as a whole and all the different elements of how each role complements each other to create a great piece of art.  

Joe Wollacott

Being completely honest trying to write this is horrible. I feel so pretentious, I don't speak like this.

Saying that, a lot of the media I consume is very serious and pretentious, I tend to watch more dramatic things than comedy, although I also love comedy, so I’ve contradicted myself already.

If I had to give you one single creative influence in my life it wouldn’t even be anything related to film. It would probably be Radiohead, they’re a band from the 90s. Their songs are quite sad. I'm not sure what that says about me.

I directed a film this year. Go me. It’s about Alzheimer’s and loss and the toll it can bring on people’s lives, it’s a personal story so I shan’t go into too much detail. (They’ve told us not to be too personal with these).

They’ve asked us to tell you what we’re trying to say (in our work?) and to be completely honest. I don’t know. No one does. Not really. People pretend to know. People take themselves too seriously in this industry and I’ve already met way too many of them, myself included.

I’m running out of word count so I’ll wrap it up with my goals. I want to be happy. I want to be rich. And I want to be given the opportunity to make things, things which make people who watch them feel something. Thanks for having me Anglia Ruskin. It’s been real.

About the film

Delve into the poignant journey of an elderly man confronting the advanced stages of Alzheimer's disease. As he grapples with the relentless erosion of his memory, he remains oblivious to the profound challenges it poses to his family. Through a series of heart wrenching moments, the film navigates the delicate balance between fleeting clarity and profound confusion, offering a nuanced portrayal of the impact of Alzheimer's on both the individual and their loved ones. Amidst the turmoil, it underscores the resilience inherent in familial bonds amidst life's most formidable trials.