Patricia Moreno

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Designs for dresses and trouser suit

The ‘Immaterial’ collection by Patricia Moreno – BA (Hons) Fashion Design – focuses mostly on creating designs that feel familiar yet have a sort of uncanniness and odd impression to them. For this particular project, she was inspired by art movements such as the principles of Vieira da Silva and Gutai art while translating “nostalgia of something you’ve never experienced, in hope for a better future.”

The movement of the garments explore this unsettling feeling, associated with a utopian view of past decades that are portrayed in social media. She explores the removal of this “rose-coloured” view of a seemingly “better” past in earlier decades that is marketed by social media and the discontent for the present and anxiety for the future that comes when you promote this way of thinking.

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