Robyn Jo Campbell

Animation and Illustration

Illustration of woman and man with small kiwi between them
Final Production Final Major Project Film Render - Pocket Kiwi

My passion is to create funny comedy animations for all ages and to have fun with my passion that will hopefully one day be my future job that pays well and makes me live happy and eager to pursue something amazing. With a large family that mainly consists of children, I strive to make my content family friendly and to be enjoyed by everyone as all I want is to make someone smile with my creativity and make them laugh as they enjoy my creations and hard work.

With my big project done and some in the works, I can only hope my hard work will open doors for me in the future as I will try my best to get the job done and be able to make my passion and hobby part of my life full time instead of a desk job where I have no creativity, all I want in my life is to be able to spread my wings and allow myself to create something that I'm proud of and to call it mine as I strive to produce independent animations where I have the freedom to create my own story with my own fun characters.

Pocket Kiwi - Final major project
Illustration of woman with yellow star in background
Illustration of Kiwi Diner exterior
Illustration of kiwi hiding behind diner seat
Illustration of diner seating booth
Illustration of radio on diner counter
Illustration of kiwi standing on pile of eggs
Illustration of kiwi wearing neckscarf