Rodrigo David Narciso Lopes

Animation and Illustration

Monochrome illustration of person sitting in futuristic room
Concept art and still from my movie "Too Much"

I am a Portuguese animator with a passion for cinema and painting/illustration. I have hopes of an ever-learning career filled with new experiences. Narrative and art are my devotion and I wish to reach relatable audiences and impact people’s lives visually and emotionally. I like to create brand identity through storytelling and pass on the personality of a company through my animations and work.

I have got experience in freelance for independent clients and companies, more recently as a set assistant at COLA. I am looking for a job in the animation film industry. I would like my work to focus on social issues using art as a communicator. Although I mostly focus on 2D animation I also appreciate and have experience in alternative animation mediums such as stop-motion.

Too Much illustrates the growing fears young adults experience watching the world suffer through their screens. It follows Finn as they go about their day around their apartment and their mental state is increasingly challenged by external factors. Quickly, a fly is introduced to the setting: Finn’s antagonist, which appears in moments of struggle and stands as a symbol of their inescapable anxiety.

Whirring flies push Finn to the brink of insanity as they browse through news channels, flashing images of global suffering, political uprisings, and environmental disasters. Their attempts at distraction are, yet again, quickly disrupted by unwelcome, familiar insects.

However, Finn’s exasperation escalates at the sight of the flies inside their computer  screen, unsure where to set the line between reality and fiction. As they exit the screen to swarm the protagonist, we enter a different dimension: a world of inverted colours set in a labyrinth. There, Finn’s subconscious gets chased by their anxieties figured as giant, human-like flies.

A set of obstacles emerge, which relate back to images they had previously seen on the news. Despite their attempts to escape, they are inevitably caught and transported back to their living room, where it all started, ultimately consumed by their own anxiety.

Monochrome illustration of a fly
Still from my movie "Too Much"
Monochrome illustration of people potesting in city
Still from my movie "Too Much"
Monochrome illustration of person leaning close to viewpoint
Still from my movie "Too Much"
Monochrome illustration of flies on computer screen
Still from my movie "Too Much"
Monochrome illustration of someone running away from flaming creature
Still from my movie "Too Much"
Monochrome illustration of person trapped in maze by three floating creatures
Still from my movie "Too Much"
Monochrome illustration of person with fly-like face
Still from my movie "Too Much"
"Too Much"