Sasha Haxell

Animation and Illustration

Illustration of woman sitting on beach looking at boat far out at sea
Opening image of my short film "Boundless".

Hi! I’m Sasha, an animator based in the UK. I have a passion for storytelling and produce work in various mediums, including hand drawn animation, 3D, and motion graphics.

I've always been obsessed with stories and I now channel that into my animation, whether it be through traditional storytelling or more abstract narratives. I enjoy creating works that reflect the emotions of reality and feature strong girls as protagonists, with a particular focus on the importance of human connection. Some works that have inspired me include those of Studio Ghibli, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

I have worked on various projects with different clients - such as NHS Provide, Stop the Hunger, and Lost & Found Nature Conservation - requiring pitching and development of an original animation idea into a professional final product.

My Final Major Project is an animated short film about a girl who lives in a seaside town with her fisherman father, and the struggles she has with telling him that she wants to leave their village. After much contemplation, she decides on getting him a goodbye gift; but she just can't find the perfect thing. Will she figure out how to tell him, or will the decision be taken out of her hands?

I wanted to channel the types of emotions that the works of Studio Ghibli and films such as Ice Merchants make me feel by a piece I find moving. The film focuses on the ideas of family and change, and the complicated emotions that revolve around growing up.

Illustration of white-haired woman from side
Illustration of the main character of "Boundless".
Illustration of woman walking through fish market
"Boundless" - standing in the fish market.
Animated gif of woman standing at end of pier
"Boundless" - animation of her at the end of the pier.
Animated gif of woman running and dress ripping on fence
"Boundless" - animation of the dress ripping whilst she runs.
Four illustrations of white-haired woman from different angles
"Boundless" character turnaround sheet.
Illustration of father and daughter sitting on beach at night
"Boundless" - her and her father sitting at the nighttime beach.
Sasha Haxell Showreel