Shaunah Ivers

Fashion Design

Five illustrations of pink and white outfits
Illustration line up

Throughout my graduate collection I have embraced my love for tailoring. It is a sector within fashion that I have always had an appreciation for as it requires a lot of skill and precision which is something I plan on mastering. I have combined this with the art of pattern matching which has proven to be very difficult but incredibly rewarding. My collection is dedicated to my dad who passed in 2018, someone I looked up to and will for the rest of my days. Pairing a concept close to my heart with something I love and have a passion for is the perfect way in my mind to express emotions that I can’t express in words.

Drawing from emotions and memories I present DIE REIS. A dedication to my dad, a man who lives on in my memories, my whole heart and now this collection. Bringing printed tailored garments with strong silhouettes inspired by 1940’s suits and bright, bold prints expressing the feelings I felt at the time; grief sadness, confusion. The bright choice of magenta shows the strong memories and feelings that got left behind during that time and my growth since then. To my dad, my inspiration, my heart.

Photo of priest with colour palette and pattern samples
Colour moodboard
Many illustrations of outfits
Technical line up (colour)
Four photos of female model wearing pink and white hat and top with white trousers
Outfit 1
Three photos of two female models wearing pink and white outfits
Outfit 2
Three photos of female model wearing pink and white outfits in field
Outfit 3
Three photos of female model wearing pink and white outfit in field
Outfit 4