Sonia Casciano

Graphic Design

Four posters for Pear and Plum ad campaign framed on wall
Pear & Plum advert. Ad campaign concept, ‘Pick your fit’, based on wordplay around the brand name to encourage women to find the right fit for their unique shape and size.

I love playing with words as well as crafting beautiful visuals; by pushing boundaries to design innovatively and experimenting over the course of my degree, my passion for graphic design has flourished. Whilst studying, I have been working within a top UK design agency which has allowed me to immerse myself in the fast-paced world of design and refined my skills under mentorship of industry professionals. I'm deeply passionate about creating space that celebrates female diversity and empowers women of all shapes and sizes.

With that passion, I have poured myself into designing a size-inclusive underwear and swimwear brand for my final project, because all women deserve to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Creating advertisement campaigns which feel fun and personable during this project has ignited a fire in me and I would love to explore advertising and art direction further in my career.

Passionately female-driven, Pear&Plum is a brand that believes supportive lingerie and swimwear should be accessible to women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones. No matter what your shape is, Pear&Plum knows you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality, style or affordability. Underwear is likely to be the first item of clothing put on in the morning; this brand wants to set the tone for the rest of your day, through comfort and confidence. Pear&Plum is a playful invitation to ‘shaping up’ the industry and joining a movement of inclusivity and empowerment, to feel like the best version of you.

A purple bag and box with Pear & Plum brand logo
Packaging design based around brand identity to reflect an elegant and indulgent feel
Open purple mailer box
Mailer box design to highlight the brand’s fun and friendly tone of voice
Animated gif swapping tops and bottoms of different fruit with legend
Flipbook GIF for advert campaign based on the idea that size is not reflective of different body shapes
Two purple sliding boxes, one shut and one open, with Pear & Plum brand logo
Slide-out box design to allow packaging to be more intentional and resourceful as these can be reused to store the product and allows customers to personalise and label the box.
Design of store front with chest of drawers, boxes and clothing from Pear & Plum brand
Front of store interior design which integrates the ad campaign to creative a visually pleasing entrance to the store
Billboard design with Pear & Plum branding and image
Augmented Reality billboard design which allows people to interact with the advert through using mobile phone cameras to scan the QR code into AR technology
Purple boxes stacked to create ampersand
These boxes were screen-printed by hand and stacked to form a three-dimensional ampersand symbol to link the brand name; the ampersand is also highlighted to reflect feminine curves.