Swathi Kshatriya

Fine Art

Red and gold indian garment
Red and gold

I’m an Indian artist who creates paintings and installations depicting Indian ideologies, beliefs and scriptures. My current practice explores the ancient belief that ‘All women are goddesses’. I’m constantly fascinated by the relationship between the stories of women in mythology and their impact on women in the present. I work around significant events that took place in Indian history and current social issues.

The materials used are native to the country and are aspects of my upbringing. Reusing commonly worn garments in a sculptural manner and giving value to textures, colours and handicrafts has been my motivation. I experiment with different pleating and draping techniques to create depth and form. I aim to create a sense of relatability and belongingness alongside introducing the audience to aspects of the beautiful culture in a unique way through my work.

Gold indian garment
Golden Glory
Sculpture of two female faces bound inside flesh-like canvas
Brown goddess
Multicoloured indian garment
Sina Gina
Orange, red and black indian garment
Golden Temple
Pink, white and green materials tied together
The Great Divide
Orange patterned indian garment