Tabitha Biggs

BA (Hons) Photography

Photo of man washing hair in bath taken through window of house

Tabitha Biggs – BA (Hons) Photography – is a social documentary photographer. Her multi-layered body of work examines generational ties to the environment and the defining characteristics of small estate England. The images explore class identity, visual landscapes and the culture of staying where you grew up to work and raise your own children. She combines family photographs with documentary shots of this estate to question what role the family album has regarding self-preservation and memory.

Black and white photos of Mum and baby on wall of house

The aim throughout was to create a lens that values the personal history of people that live long, complex lives in one place and often aren’t remembered outside of their own community. It also pays homage to the aspirations held by those in areas like this such as the importance of motherhood and creating large family structures, portraying these desires as valid.

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